Texas Trust CU Theatre - Activation Space
Project co-owner/collaborator: toni nichols
Photos by: jason waite photography, texas trust 

One of my first projects while starting at Texas Trust was to create the design for a small area inside the newly acquired Texas Trust CU Theatre. I originally started graphic design because of music, so I felt like this project was full circle for me. From July to September of 2021, I worked on completing 17 designs for this space (12 vinyl covers and 5 large posters). 

This was a unique project - the end goal was to create a space that looked like a record shop, a theme in tune with the theatre itself as it is a venue known in the community for famous musicians to visit and perform. I'd be creating designs inspired by real, famous album covers. The twist was to make the designs based on actual products offered at Texas Trust. 

In 2022, this project was well noticed - winning 2 Diamond Awards from the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) Marketing & Business Council Development, and 1 Pinnacle Award from the Cornerstone Marketing and Business Development Council. 

Diamond Award: Most Edgy Campaign - High Profile "Cut" Category 
Diamond Award: Multifaceted Category
Pinnacle Award: Segmented or Target Marketing 
I was curious to see how they would have looked as real vinyl albums, so I created vinyl cover mockups to really hone in on that feel. 

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