$250 Checking Account Incentive Series

In Q3 of 2021, I was informed about an upcoming campaign that would give new members of Texas Trust Credit Union a $250 incentive if they opened a checking account and fulfilled a couple of requirements within 90 days. I wanted to try something fun and different while still keeping it simple. The idea for this sort of stemmed from comic panels, and I couldn't stop thinking of imagining unnaturally sized money popping out frame like "cha-ching!", so I went ahead with the idea.

After I created the blue concept, my colleague assisted me with continuing the series, creating a green and yellow version as the campaign refreshed every quarter. This overarching design was spread across multiple channels before being retired in April 2022. I believe I was given a great opportunity to be creative and be allowed to experiment with this type of a design for a well-known credit union.

Project Co-Owner/Collaborator: Austin Silvas

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